Honorary Life Member

Honorary Life Members were elected at ordinary committee meetings until 1972, and at annual general meetings from 1979. The exception is P.J. Pratt, who was selected at a general meeting.

Past and present Geelong Gliding Club members who have been awarded the club Honorary Life Membership.

Name  Year Elected
Jeff McDonald 23rd Sep 2023
Martin Power 15th Oct 2022
Ian Cohn 14th Sep 2019 
Wayne Mackley *
Spiro Mallia 8th Oct 2016
Kevin McGowan 26th Sep 2015
Roger Druce *
Peter Carr *
John Ashford 22nd Aug 1997
Zdenek (Stan) Cepelak 24th Sep 1993
Howard de Grandi *. 1990
Glenda Burns *, 1990
John Buchanan *, 1985
Harvey Dunn 19th Oct 1979
Laurie Harrison 19th Oct 1979
John Lilley 7th July 1972
Martin Briggs 7th July 1972
Doug Vanstan 1st July 1970
Thomas W. Thompson 4th July 1969
David Rees 4th July 1969
J. R. (Bob) Muller 13th Sep 1957
Percival J. Pratt 14th May 1954

 * indicates insufficient information available.

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